Tracker Name TheShow
Tracker URL
Genre E-Learning
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Bonus System No
IRC Channel 6667
Seed Difficulty Hard

TheShow is an e-learning private tracker for the entertainment industry. TheEmpire, TheGeeks, TheVault, ThePlace and TheOccult are all sister sites.

Members can access a lot of variety from video editing, digital crafting, music, performances, and software. Building and maintaining a ratio is very hard due to low seed/leech numbers and all members are required to seed back to a minimum 1.0 ratio or face the consequence of having your download privileges removed or account disabled. Keep in mind, all .click trackers are VERY ban happy and this will track across all sites as an IP ban.

Donating to the tracker is through Bitcoin or Stripe and members are rewarded with upload credit. Higher donation amounts come with a 'star' which makes a member immune to inactivity pruning.








Pre-Times N/A
Content 4/10
Speed 3/10
Community 3/10
Overall Rating 3/10