CyclingTorrents | CT | Sports | 2023 Review

Tracker Name:: CyclingTorrents | CT
Tracker URL::
Tracker Genre:: Sports
Tracker Type:: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup:: Invite Only
Bonus System:: Yes
Seed Difficulty:: Medium
Tracker IRC:: -
Banned Countries:: -

  • Cycling Torrents is a Sports tracker dedicated to Cycling only. With more than 27k+ torrents, Content is quite diverse and covers most categories in bicycle racing such as Road Bicycle (Tour de France, Giro, Vuelta...), Cross, BMX, MTB, Documentary, Track, Triathlon και Real Life Video.
  • Maintaining a good ratio is very easy, there is a lot Freeleech Torrents (more than 10 % of the torrents available on the tracker) and a generous seedbonus system to help buy more upload.
  • There are not specific seeding rules and users have to keep their ratio, at first, above 0.35. But in order to be able to download files larger than 2.5GB ratio must be above 0.70.
    Joining CyclingTorrents is a complicated task.

8 / 10
8 / 10
8 / 10
8 / 10
Overall Score
8 / 10