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Thread: ruTorrent RSS Syntax

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    ruTorrent RSS Syntax

    ruTorrent RSS Syntax

    Understanding naming schemes / tags

    Naming schemes (the name of the torrents and files) are usually quite standard, though they may differ in some ways. Typically the torrents have the following naming sheme:

    show.season#episode#.title.source.format.releasegr oup.extension

    So some typical shows would look like this:

    The.Simpsons.S21E04.Treehouse.of.Horror.XX.HDTV.Xv iD-FQM.avi

    Let's explain everything from left to right...

    The show name is the first thing you will see in most all torrents. Not much to explain here.

    The season and episode number show which specific episode this is. Typically this is displayed as S##E## with a leading 0. However, sometimes people label them as S21E04, S1E5, 1x05, or even 2102. I will show you below how to catch all of these.

    The title is optional. This is where files really differ. Unless you only want to download one specific show, you would use wildcards to ignore the title if there is one.

    The source is very important. Here is a list of the most common sources and a very brief definition.

    HR - High Resolution (may not be considered a source but sometime precedes HDTV)
    HDTV - High Definition Television
    PDTV - Pure Digital Television (not considered quite as good as HDTV)
    DVD - Digital Video Disc
    WEB-DL - Web Download; means it was ripped from a website.
    DSR - Digital Satellite Rip (does not necessarily mean good quality, usually in 480i)
    TRANSPORT - A high quality format that allows for error correction when transmitting, usually in
    PREAIR - Usually a leaked file, before the actual air date.

    The format is usually one of three codecs, and is also given away by the file extension.

    XviD/DivX (.avi) This is the most popular format of choice. It is usually a small file size.
    x264 (.mkv) This is the high quality format of choice. It is usually a large file size.
    transport (.ts) This is a redundant format and is extremely large.

    Now, where files differ; you may or may not find the following information in the torrent. Also a lot of times the source and format will be swapped or only show one or the other.

    Now there is one more tag that I have yet to mention. This one is used when a torrent is re-released and is usually re-released well after everyone has already downloaded and watched their show. It is generally a good idea to avoid these since most people have no interest in using their ratio to redownload a show. These include the following: reencode, recode, repack, proper, and rerip.

    Syntax in Theory

    . Wildcard standing for any single character.
    * Repeats the preceding character 0 or more times.
    ? Repeats the preceding character 0 or 1 time.
    + Repeats the preceding character 1 or more times.
    //i Everything between the forward slashes will be searched for and the i makes everything case insensitive.
    ^ Means that the following text must be the first thing in the file name. Using this can be the difference between downloading Desperate.Housewives or House.
    () Groups evaluations. Once grouped, you can treat the group as a single character. For example, using the ? to show the word the can either be there or not: (the[\.])?
    [] Matches one character of whatever is inside. Can also be used for ranges. For instance, for a number you would use [0-9].
    [\] Everything after the backslash will be escaped. (e.g. special characters)
    | Or, matches one or the other on either side. Example: (its|it's)
    (?##) Anything between the pound symbols will be treated as a comment. I suppose this may be useful if you have extremely complicated filters.

    Filters and Inclusion Syntax

    Here are some filter examples:


    Everything between the / and the /i will be case insensitive. So it will match The.Simpsons, SIMPSONS, or the.simpsons.

    The ^ shows that the following must be at the very beginning of the line. As mentioned above, this
    would be the difference between downloading Desperate.Housewives or House.

    [\.] Matches an actual period. Since a period is a special character it must be escaped. If you were to place a normal . it would work, however it would technically match ANY character, not just a period. Some may prefer this so that they would catch a space or a period, however I have not run across
    many torrents that use spaces, so this has not been a problem for me.

    (the[\.])? Using this makes the word the optional so it will be possible to download files with names starting with both The.Simpsons and Simpsons.

    ((its|it's)[\.])? Using the preceding two principles above, this would allow you to match either its, it's, or neither (but nothing else) so you would match the following: Its.Always.Sunny.In.Philadelphia., It's.Always.Sunny.In.Philadelphia., and Always.Sunny.In.Philadelphia..

    .* This references any number of wildcards, this is an easy way to skip over the title if one is included in the filename.

    (s)?(01|1)(e|x)?[0-9]+ (s)? means the S is either there or it isn't. (01|1) means that there must be a number here, it may be either 01 or 1. The (e|x)? means that there may be an E or an X here but nothing else. [0-9]+ means that there will either be one or two numbers here, but no more or less.

    This would cover everything from S01E02, S8E02, 1x02, or 2010. This will also lower the chance of capturing torrents named such as The.Simpsons.S01.DVDRip.5.1.x264-irie that may be released in your RSS feed but you would not want to download due to their enormous size. It is a good idea to use the specific season number to lower the risk of downloading old episodes as well.


    Well, we already know we want to avoid repacks and the such. You may also want to avoid smaller resolutions of your TV shows formatted specifically for an iPhone or a PSP. Sometimes a file has a larger audio stream that isn't compressed and makes the file larger such as ac3. Here is the exclusion
    filter I use:

    psp|ipod|iphone|mp4|reencode|recode|rerip|repack|p reair|transport|web-dl)/i

    This basically means that if any of the strings between the | operators will not be downloaded.

    Filter Examples


    Credit : drunkpitbull

    For RSS Download Tutorial -
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    time filter?

    no time filter? i have need to download only torrent from last 3 days.... any help?

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    Very nice tread thank you!!

    Does anybody know how to create a rule in autotools to move completed downloads, all except a specific label.

    I want to copy all completed downloaded torrents to a specific folder in rutorrent.

    All except if they have a specific label name.

    eg "/.*/" copies everything

    but maybe something like "/.*[\]DONOTCOPY/" I hoped it would work, but no
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