iAnon.app | iAnon | Apple Apps | 2024 Review

Tracker Name iAnon.app
Website Link https://ianon.app/
Tracker Genre Apple Apps
Tracker Type Ratio Besed
Mantaining Ratio Easy/Medium
Seedbonus Available
Joining Method Invite / Application
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description:

iAnon is an one year old ratio based private torrent tracker for MacOS App/Softwares. (Codebase: Gazelle) A year ago iAnon arised out of no-where & becomes maybe the best tracker around for MacOS App/Softwares. Story began when a co-admin/dev. ban his Sysop partner on BrokenStones tracker by a way without return, that's what made "dry" old sysop to create & develop another new tracker which is our review for today.

For the time being, In my opinion iAnon is the best tracker for MacOS applications. Here you will find lots of regular uploads with latest Most wanted apps and other things. This tracker also offers Tutorials of various categories. Users are also allowed to upload torrents here. Maintaining ratio is easy with Freeleech torrents. There is also a bonus point system available where you can buy freeleech tokens, GBs towards upload count & invites. Tracker got around 6.4k registered members with 11.8K+ uploaded torrents.

They also have a feature named Review. Where users can review any torrent or apps like they want. To sum up, if you're the side eaten apple fan: then iAnon is your target for sure! nice tracker with stylish layout & good content that would please your needs.





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My Ratings:

Content - / 10
Speed 9.0 / 10
Pretime - / 10
Community 9.0 / 10
Overall 9.0 / 10