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After all the private messages and question regarding BeyondHD,here it is my respond.

1.Yes ,Their internal BHDStudio encodes 2160p DV HDR10+.
Example : UHD.Bluray.2160p.DDP7.1.DV HDR x265-BHDStudio.mp4
2.Yes , their encodes can be found on other places too. (BLU,IPT,TL)
3.About the the quality of 2160p encodes, all i can say is amazing!
4.I Don't know if BHD is the best HD tracker in the world right now,but is among the best.
5. It is Better that HDBits?
There are opinions and opinions.
I can't really answer this question because depends on everyone needs. Both are great to have. I persoanlly will give a plus to BHD because their design is better and easier to browse.

hope this clarifies and helps you guys!
Mamma mia, they do MP4 instead of MKV, they actually can think straight! Thanks