March 2024 Update: Some Features and Changes
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Over the last few months, Staff has been working behind the scenes to crush many long standing bugs, vastly improving reliability and security while also bringing alive some new features. We would like to take this opportunity to update the community on the changes. But first we would like to thank those members who have generously come forward to support the site with uploads, seedboxes, donations and other contributions. We simply would not exist without members like yourself.

And now for a list of the most salient changes:

Autocomplete Search Now Available for All: This feature auto-searches if a torrent group exists while you are typing in the search box. Not having this feature enabled caused new members to accidentally make duplicate torrent groups. Having this feature enabled for all members makes uploading much easier by auto-searching if the torrent group exists when filling out the upload form.
Notifications Now Available for All: Until now, Notifications were only available to Power Users and above. This has been changed so that all members can use them. The notifications feature is essential for many members using tools that index or auto-snatch torrents when notified. Having these features will help you out if you are a new user trying to transcend classes. For the upper classes, this is nothing new, but we have a few more things worth mentioning.
Uploads Requiring SIP Disablement Have Been Removed from the DNU List: Until recently, the policy has been to forbid uploads that required SIP disablement. Such uploads will now be allowed. They will be clearly marked as “noSIP,” and only those members who understand the risks and are willing to accept them should download them. Members desiring more information can review the Wiki.
New #announce Channel on IRC: Our faithful IRC bot, StoneKeeper, will now allow you to join #announce, where you can observe every single upload and request happening on BrokenStones in real-time. This can be very helpful to members that desire to snatch torrents they want at the soonest possible time. This helps maximize your ability to gain ratio and may be essential for some with slower connections to utilize. If you would like to use this feature to its fullest, we highly recommend you take a look into Autobrr. Autobrr is a modern download automation tool. It enables you to automatically download new torrents by monitoring and filtering #announce in IRC. This is a must-have for any seedbox, and we can't express enough how highly we recommend it.
HTTPS Tracker is Now Available: This often requested option is finally available and can be turned on via an option in your User Settings.
Accepting Donations from 300+ Cryptocurrencies: The Donation System is now “self-serve” and no longer requires you to contact staff before making a donation. We also can now accept almost any cryptocurrency. We don't do PayPal anymore, but we do accept 300+ cryptocurrencies!

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the hard work of some special members who wish to remain anonymous. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support from anonymous members, who contribute without ego, without seeking recognition. It is very admirable. You know who you are, thank you.

The BrokenStones Staff