We're back! And with news !!! 16 hours and 18 mins ago Toggle
Hello, as you know through the channel we had problems with the datacenter where BT is hosted, unfortunately that machine died, but as we are cautious the database has daily backups in a safe place.

So I'm here to announce some important points about the site, it is not abandoned, on the contrary, the number of users and seeders grew exponentially in relation to the previous months and this makes the team very happy.

This exhibition then brought some modifications to maintain the safety of those who take care of the website, first point:

- We no longer have a donation system, one of our founders is responsible for paying for the website's costs, which until then were not very high.

- This new update corrected several problems and brought new problems that were corrected, now we use the most updated versions of the system and the programming language.

- Unfortunately the points store is temporarily unavailable, the programmer unfortunately lost the last code with the news he had written for the points store, I hope you will forgive him.

- Now, this was a critical update, we use encryption to store data on BT's servers as in the future we will organize for backups to be uploaded in encrypted files, so you are part of the most secure tracker in Brazil.

- The administration of the site now has a secure channel to chat, with all encrypted content, far from any problems.

Anyway, let's take care of the site little by little and continue sowing.

Always BT ❤️