A WOMAN was stunned when a naked lookalike of her boyfriend burst into her house and smeared blood everywhere.

Hayley Young, 43, was watching TV when the intruder smashed through her front door.

The ranting raider, who police told her was on LSD, charged through the home holding a shard of glass and dripping his blood.

He threatened to kill her dog and goldfish before cops caught him as he left.

But officers did not return for five days so Hayley and Aaron Williamson, 41, lived with what looked “like a massacre scene” as they could not touch evidence.

She said: “He looked just like my boyfriend and I thought something awful had happened.”

But she found Aaron was upstairs and had found the intruder on their bed.

They fled the house in Rushden, Northants, in terror and dialled 999.

Cops said the man, 19, had “serious medical concerns” and was initially taken to hospital. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary but freed pending inquiries. They apologised for the delay getting back to them.