A GRAN claims safari park keepers failed to react when a black bear aggravated by the heat attacked her family’s car.

Tanya Mallaney, 53, was left terrified when the overheated 6ft snarling beast snapped and launched itself at her family’s Ford Fiesta.

They sounded the horn three times - a sign of distress to rangers at Woburn Safari Park, Beds., as the animal tried to bite its way in and tear at the windscreen.

But no staff rushed to the rescue.

Instead they filmed the incredible moment they were forced to drive off with the predator still on their BONNET.

When the family reported the attack park officials shrugged it off as the bear ‘being too hot’.

Tanya, who was in the car with daughters Sophie and Danielle and her gandson, six, said it was only change they had locked the doors moments earlier.

Civil servant Tanya said: 'We drove around and hadn't seen many animals yet when suddenly we rounded a corner and saw a bear which jumped straight onto the car.

“We beeped the horn three times - as per the instructions around the park to call for help during emergencies - but no one responded.

“It was incredibly frightening as it was 100% trying to get inside. It's teeth were out, it wasn't a friendly bear.”

She said: “The manager said he had never seen anything like this in time time at Woburn before, and was quite shocked himself.

“He blamed the heat and offered us a £400 VIP package as an apology, which was sweet but I wasn't completely satisfied as they had no answer for the missing rangers.”

Woburn today said the bear showed "curiosity around their car" on Monday but denied the heat played a part in the attack.

A spokesman said: "We would like to apologise for the bear worrying the family, the incident was investigated by the Duty Manager who was reassured that the family were all okay, and can confirm that the heat played no part in the bear’s curiosity. "We are glad to see from the photo that the family enjoyed the rest of their visit to the park."