INDUSTRIAL cleaning teams will continue sweeping though flu-stricken Middle Park State School this weekend, so classes can resume on Monday.

Only about 30 children turned up at the school yesterday, which has been hit with an “extraordinary outbreak” of influenza A and B.

Principal Anne Kitchin wrote to parents late on Thursday, urging them to keep their kids at home, after almost 200 students and staff members were absent because of the potentially deadly bug.

The school also cancelled a Year 6 technology excursion because of the “exceptional health issues”.

Helen Kenworthy, a regional director with the Department of Education, said every effort was being made to thoroughly clean the school, so it could welcome back its students next week.

“We have organised for an additional team of cleaners to come in today and through the weekend,” she said.

“What we are doing is ensuring all the surfaces that hands touch, and children touch, are wiped down with disinfectant, so desktops and doors,” she said.

Middle Park State School P&C president Katherine Graham said there were many concerned parents and children had complained of poor hygiene standards.

“Parents have been watching their children very closely, there have been lots of temperatures over 40 degrees,” she said.

Immunisation and infectious diseases expert Robert Booy said the outbreak was at the “upper level” of what is normally seen during the winter flu season. He said the flu could be prevented through vaccination and an in-school influenza vaccination program should be considered.