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    Lana Del Rey to sell forthcoming poetry book for just $1

    "Because my thoughts are priceless"

    Lana Del Rey says that copies of her forthcoming book of poetry will be sold for just one dollar each.

    The musician has been posting poems on her Instagram over the last few days. Today (March 7), the singer gave fans more insight about what to expect from the self-published book.

    “So I’m like super excited about self publishing my first poetry book,” she said. “And I just wanted to say any mom-and-pop SoCal/ San Fran book stores that are interested in having it just let me know and I’ll drive you out a couple boxes when I’m done binding it in a few months xx”

    One fan asked how much the book would cost, to which she responded: “$1… because my thoughts are priceless.”

    Recent poems posted to her Instagram include “Jasmine in the air / the burden of fame is real / never felt so clear.” The posts seem to indicate that the book will be titled Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass.

    Last month, Del Rey shared what appeared to be a lyrics sheet for a track called ‘happy’.

    Some of words read: “People think that i’m rich and i am but not how they think / i have a truck with a gold key chain in the ignition / and on the back it says: happy joyous and free / happy / and when i drive / i think about the last time my friends were driving with me / how the radio was so loud that we couldn’t hear the words / so we became the music.”
    Fans reacted to her Instagram post, with one person writing : “this is so beautiful :’)” and another saying: “This made me feel something 🙏🏻.” It’s not clear if the prose is for a song or is part of her poetry collection.
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    Interesting. I did not know that she is still a poet and writes poems that do not turn into songs

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