With a huge hit making their summer one of the brightest in their partnership, Universal and Illumination Entertainment are looking to roll the dice again this December, as they're gambling on Sing being a big holiday hit. The animated musical is certainly cast like a hit, as its cast boasts an all-star assortment of acting and singing talent. Among those talents are Academy Award winners Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon, and we now have pictures of the actors posed with their respective animal counterparts.

As seen above, Matthew McConaughey is posed with his character, a koala named Buster Moon. It's Buster's idea to throw the talent show at the center of Sing, as he's hoping to raise enough money to save his theater. Speaking to Buster's character, McConaughey describe his animated avatar with the following koala-fications:

I've always regarded Buster as the ultimate creator...a showman who refuses to accept defeat and a guy who will accomplish the impossible through sheer force of will. Others may see his theater collapsing around him, but not Buster. Through his eyes, you'll begin to imagine the crown jewel of this incredible town...a place where people can truly transform.

True to animated film form, Buster is a dreamer, much like the rest of the animals that will be competing in the big singing contest at Buster's theater. One such contestant is a pig by the name of Rosita, played by Reese Witherspoon. As you'll see in her photo below, Witherspoon's character is a bit overwhelmed with life.

If you remember the trailer to Sing, Rosita is the devoted mother and wife that busts loose with some dance moves in her local supermarket. Being a mother of a huge family hasn't stopped her from dreaming though, and Witherspoon gives some further background on how those dreams came to be in the following statement:

Ever since she was a girl, Rosita has held on to this tiny part of herself she's been hesitant to share with the world. But once she genuinely owns who she is, this shy mom and wife realizes that it would be criminal not to unleash her talents. In fact, it's the love and passion Rosita's given and received that pours out of her when she embraces her inner diva and lets loose.

With both Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon in the cast of Sing, the star power is pretty high to begin with. Add fellow singing stars John C. Reilly, Scarlett Johannson, Nick Kroll and Seth MacFarlane, and you've pretty much turned up the lights to 11. We'll see how bright this flick shines, when it hits theaters on December 21st.