480,382 backers pledged a total of $46,177,705 toward Kickstarter video games in 2015. 421 video game projects were successfully funded, to boot.

Shenmue 3 led the way, according to the crowdfunding website's year-end numbers, with $6.3 million raised from 69,000 backers. The project dethroned Koji Igarashi's Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, which originally broke Kickstarter's record for most money pledged to a video game. The Castlevania spiritual successor ended 2015 with $5.5 million in pledges.

Video games weren't the only type of game projects to receive loads of cash in 2015. In fact, tabletop games fostered close to $89 million in funding from over half a million supporters. With 1,230 tabletop projects successfully backed, Kickstarter's "Games" category ended the year with 2,259 successful projects total, which equated to a 30.3% success rate. The total amount of money pledged to the category was $144.4 million.

According to Kickstarter, the amount of money and backers is nearly twice as much when compared to 2014 numbers.

Games aren't the only things that get love on Kickstarter, a documentary about Bill Nye has raised over $850,000.