Though Netflix original programming may seem commonplace now, it was just getting off the ground a mere three years ago. The streaming conglomerate changed the way we interact with television when, in 2013, they released the original series House of Cards. Luckily for Netflix, the series was met with a positive response, and paved the way for many more programs to come — literally, since the site is looking to make 50 percent of its content original in the near future.

Now, as the show heads into its season 5 — and adjusts to new showrunners — news about the David Fincher-produced series has been relatively sparse. After the season 4 finale, which introduced Claire Underwood as a potential co-protagonist with her husband Frank, fans have been left to stew about what’s next. It would seem some choice casting decisions are next for the show, as House of Cards has signed on two veteran actors who will undoubtedly amp up its next dramatic arc.

According to a report from The Playlist, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott will both join House of Cards season 5. The two will feature prominently in the series, though any details about their characters are (of course) being kept under wraps.

House of Cards 4th wall House of Cards Season 5 Adds Patricia Clarkson & Campbell Scott

Clarkson has made her name as a talented character actor since the start of her career in 1987 with The Untouchables. She earned an Oscar nod for her role as a breast cancer patient in 2003’s Pieces of April, and twice nabbed an Emmy for playing Aunt Sarah in Six Feet Under. In recent years, the seasoned performer scored a Tony nomination for The Elephant Man and made some unforgettable TV comedy cameos, including one in Broad City and a stint as Parks and Recreation‘s Tammy I. Scott sports a similarly prolific resume, with a lead role in Royal Pains and a recent run as Richard Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man films as notable jobs. He has also worked as a director, producer, and voice artist.

It looks like House of Cards is ready to shake things up for season 5, if these casting choices are any indication. Though both actors, especially Clarkson, have proven themselves capable of providing the kind of quiet, merciless dramatic performances that shape the Netflix series, they’ve both also shown themselves to be diverse performers. Since House of Cards has been able to float by on the same thematic coldness from leads Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright for four seasons, maybe this will finally give the show a chance to inject its plot with new blood. Though you certainly can’t have too much of a good thing, and Spacey and Wright are endlessly talented, some new standout performances could bring the aging series some new viewers.

It won’t be long before we find out who Clarkson and Scott will play, and how their recurring characters will undoubtedly clash with the anti-heroic Claire and Frank. After so much time getting away with their depraved plots, is it finally time for someone to put the kibosh on the Underwoods, or will these new characters be yet another casualty in the Underwoods’ games?

House of Cards returns to Netflix for season 5 in early 2017. Seasons 1-4 are currently available to stream on Netflix.