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Thread: Trading And Selling Torrent Site Invites - Public Service or Outright Menace?

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    Wink Tricky

    After the world ended (the box closed down) I was completely lost. Then I found one alternative, where someone told me about another... so in a year I had 3 main trackers.

    I'm always puzzled at their attitude, for example one UK only (UK TV content only) bans people from talking about where they can find a tracker for e-books. Not relevant to them, not TV content, not competition in any way shape or form.

    Invites (IMO) should be earned, as they often are, with good behavior/ratio/seed time. I don't really agree with selling them for cash - but hell, if someone's daft enough to pay then it's going to happen.

    I've done three exchanges (though not here) privately with folks who got shouted down for asking if they can talk about where to find some specific content 'not available/allowed' here (like US TV).

    But the situation is ridiculous - for pirates to think they're better than pirates. I'm not so excited by the prospect of finding new trackers as I was then, so I am not interested to pay... and whilst I feel maybe it's not a great idea over swapping or just helping out friends, if you've got $200 ready I'll happily throw a half dozen invites at you.

    I guess we're all hypocrytes, it's simply a matter of degree.

    What do you tell these people when they open the doors for invites via Facebook? One of the funnier ones goes for interviews - like a professional anti-pirate can't handle such a simple task better than most torrent users already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenshiro12 View Post
    ... ...
    The issue of invites is controversial and unlikely to disappear soon. Trackers obviously have an interest in having some sort of control over who gets them when their security is at stake. On the other hand, however, trackers themselves are giving invites to people that they do not personally know yet are asking their members not to follow suit.

    In the meantime sites like TI ignore all the rules in order to give the community what they believe it really wants. Who is right? You decide…

    To me, it looks like a double standard...
    Where I am coming from (originally) there is saying, it is specially referring to "priests", but it does fit here perfectly (re. trackers) <<Do what I say, don't do what I am doing>>
    I think (here), TI is doing a great job. For anybody who wants to get involved with "private trackers, torrents, seed box..." ...and so on, is the best place to start.

    It took me while until I found TI, by that time I got already an invite for a private tracker (has a "Review" on TI), from a (physically) friend. I did build my "ratio", by letting my downloads in "seed".

    Months later I did find another private tracker (also with a review here ...and "recommended"), by browsing the "Invite for File Tracker name" on Google. I did mange to find it on a non-English site, I would say by pure luck. Someone post it there, an "Invite" on the site forum. It was kind of "first come first served". I grabbed it, got on their registration page ...and bingo it worked.
    What did I do a couple weeks later ? (just like "kenshiro12" mentioned in his article here)
    I did donate for a "permanent VIP", I thought is is worth it.
    { By the way (as I learned later) not many private trackers offers this. Even though, I technically don't have to seed my downloads, I still DO because I believe is the right thing to do. }

    Ah... I almost forgot, by donating I did got quite a few "Invites". What did I do?
    I did go back on that "non-English" site and posted 1 Invite, and about a week later another one "first come, first served". Well... I got (mine) "Invite", the same way ...remember -lol-.
    So, for me... was just just the natural, rightful, ethical thing to do. (I did "give-away" another two later, to 2 other (physically) friends, but that is a different story)
    MY POINT IS, there are people out there, who will "do the right thing", if given the opportunity to do so.

    Great article "kenshiro12". Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by kenshiro12 View Post
    “I find it funny that these guys who are breaking federal copyright laws are calling us scumbags, because we are breaking their (shitty in my opinion) anti-trading and anti-selling invites rules.”
    >>> ...I just loved this paragraph (above)...

    Keep doing the right thing TI !
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