~T.BZ Presents~ TP's 11th Anniversary Poker Tournament


The Story:

After some hiatus the poker action is back again!

It's time to turn up the heat this Spring with an exclusive poker tournament for the celebration of an epic life-changing 11 years of ThePlace!!!

Are you ready for this epic event?
Do you have have what it takes to become TBZ Poker Champion?

Entry Info:

This is a Ratio-Only game. No playing for real money!

Entry Fees get added to the game's Ratio Pot, to be split up between the top 6 players. The more players that join, the bigger the Ratio Pot will be.

Entry Fee for this game is 10 GB.

Ratio adjustments will be made after the game ends.

Prize Info:

TBZ will be putting up
Guaranteed Ratio Prizes to sweeten the deal.

1st place: 100 GB + 30% Ratio Pot + Any bounties
bet against them + Special "Poker Champ" Title
2nd place: 60 GB + 25% Ratio Pot
3rd place: 40 GB + 20% Ratio Pot
4th place: 30 GB + 15% Ratio Pot
5th place: 20 GB + 7% Ratio Pot
6th place: 10 GB + 3% Ratio Pot

BONUS: If you're on IRC for the game, you
can try to set up a game with eliminated players
called an Afterlife Tournament which features a fixed
1st Prize of 12 GB on the house, 8 GB for 2nd Prize
and 5 GB for 3rd prize.

We'll do Afterlife games on game day while organizers
are present and while people are willing to play.

When Is The Game Going To Be?

Game Date: Saturday APRIL 1, 2017!

The Event Will Start @ 10:00 AM Eastern US Time

Check Your Local Time Using This Online Time Converter:

How Do I Join?

Just post "IN" to join on this event thread, AND write your FULL NAME on bluffave in the same post (important)!

Within 48 hours before the game, one of the event organizers - noted on this thread - will send along a message with instructions on how to pre-register for the game. You can pre-register at any time but the sooner the better! Just make sure you're around for when the game starts.

If you are new to TBZ Poker and don't have a bluffave account, register for an account at bluffave BEFORE pledging in for the game. For your bluffave account, choose a FAKE first name and last name, preferably a variation of your TBZ name.

Again, if you are new to TBZ Poker, send a site PM to me (prestige) after pledging in for the game. In that PM, state the e-mail you used to register on bluffave. I will then invite you to TBZ's poker group on bluffave to pre-register for the game later on.

prestige PM: http://thegeeks.bz/userdetails.php?id=18784


Message the creator of this thread
if you want to volunteer to help out.

Entry deadline is 2 hours before the game starts.
DO NOT wait until the last minute to register!


Is there a player who you'd REALLY like to see knocked out of the Tournament?
Donate some of your own Upload credit at the site you represent and put a
BOUNTY on them. Whoever eliminates your target claims the bounty.

NEW BOUNTIES will be edited into the bottom of this post! If you want to place
a bounty, make a new post on this thread stating who the bounty applies to &
how much of ratio on the site you're posting to you'll give up as KO incentive.

get to claim any bounties placed against them as part of 1st prize.


Frequently Asked Questions:

✦ I'd like to play in casual poker games before / after the official tournament with other TBZ members! Is there a way?

The official event IRC channel is #game. But between official
events, #game is available for all members to visit and play
in free 'for fun' games as long as an official organizer is present.
Feel free to swing by any time if you're a member of TBZ Network.

✦ Help! I don't know how to play online poker.

Learning hold'em poker takes 5 minutes. The best thing you can
then do is play on some free practice games on http://bluffave.com.
Try watching this video to learn the basics of hold 'em poker:

And then visit this excellent site to
learn a few tricks: http://www.internettexasholdem.com

Alternately, swing by #game on IRC before the official game starts and
see if anyone wants to play a casual poker game to help you practice.

✦ For the old TV Poker games, I could bet real money. What about this game?

To keep this game as secure as possible, we're not allowing real money
betting for this game. We can all thank the 2011 USA Poker crackdown for that.

✦ What service will be hosting the Poker tournament?

We've decided to go with bluffave.com for this game. It's a private and
free-play only site which should help with keeping the game secure.

✦ Can I bring a friend to the game?

Sorry, but this is a game for TBZ members only.

Since bluffave.com works on an invite system,
there's no way for the game password to leak
(since there won't be any password). This should
prevent any uninvited guests from crashing the game.

To further secure the game, players unregistered
for the next official game will be removed from
bluffave's poker club. They can rejoin for the next
game they'd like to join.

✦ How long will the tournament last?

That depends on how well you do. As soon as your chip
stack is gone, you're out; so technically the tournament
might only last a couple of minutes for you if you decide
to place your entire stack on the outcome of the first hand.
Generally speaking, in a tournament of 40 people, the first
50% of players will be knocked out within an hour, and the
tournament should be wrapped up around an hour after
that. If you make it all the way to the end, then two hours
or so is a reasonable estimate.

✦ I am really not that experienced. Do I stand a chance of doing well?

In a word: yes. Poker is a game where skill pays off over the
long-term; but in an isolated tournament such as this, anybody
is in with a shot.

✦ Is there anybody I can contact with questions?

Shoot me (prestige) a site PM for any event related issues.

prestige PM: thegeeks.bz/userdetails.php?id=18784

✦ Do you guys need any HELP with actually running this event?

Glad you asked. :-)

Anyone who volunteers to help with aspects of the game plays for Free and gets
somewhere between 5 - 15 GB for their trouble (depending on their role). We'll
need help keeping track of bounties for this game, among other things.

If you'd like to volunteer, send me (prestige) a PM to let him know.

prestige PM: thegeeks.bz/userdetails.php?id=18784

Who Could Possibly Win The Tournament?

Will It Be YOU?


Saturday APRIL 1 @ 8:00 AM Eastern US Time

(two hours before the game starts)


- with bluffave nicks -
will be noted in a new post at a later time.