想获取方便的同时为别人做点儿什么吗?想加入CMCT这个光荣的团队吗?CMCT工作组现面向全体会员长期 招募下列人员,若您有兴趣参与请从以下组中选择适合自己的小组加入:

3、宽带要求上传不低于500K,机器推荐配置i7及以上,内存推荐8G及以上。对于优秀人员 工作组可以提供服务器压片(字幕组无视此要求);

1、群号:324446465 入群验证工作组招募;

我们从事的一切都是无偿义务劳动,一切仅凭兴趣爱好。当然加入之后会有勋章、大洋、魔力及工作组内部福利, CMCT诚挚邀请热爱高清影视并愿意付出分享的童鞋加入我们的团队,期盼!

CMCT2017 years in the first half of the year
Want to get some convenience for others at the same time? Would you like to join the glorious team of CMCT? The CMCT Working Group is currently recruiting the following staff for all members. If you are interested, please select the appropriate group from the following groups to join:
1, bilingual group: bilingual subtitle adjustment to have a certain English foundation, at least four English;
2, EPiC group: video suppression personnel;
3, recording group: recording domestic and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan high-definition video and video;
4, special effects group: special effects subtitles production and country with subtitles dictation;
5, track group: Mandarin recording staff, track modulation and mixing;
6, DIY group: MiniBD and the original disk DIY production;
7, WEB-DL: WEB-DL video production.

Work requirements:
1, after entering the working group, do not arbitrarily quit;
2, to ensure long-term Internet access, online time of not less than 2 hours a day, the group can be scheduled to complete the task on time;
3, broadband requirements of not less than 500K upload, the machine recommended configuration i7 and above, memory recommended 8G and above. For the excellent staff working group can provide server compression (subtitle group ignore this requirement);
4, have a good impression on the CMCT, have a team spirit, playing soy sauce, curious heart, do not disturb! You Are the One!

Recruitment process:
1, group number: 324446465 into the group verification "working group recruitment";
2, into the group after the group reported by the group management teaching arrangements;
3, after the study to participate in the assessment, assessment through the group, did not pass the clean-up period of time for a month.

Special Note:
Everything we do is free labor, everything is hobbies alone. Of course, after joining the medal, ocean, magic and working group internal welfare, CMCT sincerely invited to love high-definition video and are willing to pay to share the children's shoes to join our team, look forward to!

CMCT Working Group