Greater Western Sydney Giants captain Kim Green has revealed how she had to be comforted by her mum in the moments after she led her team to the minor premiership against West Coast Fever last weekend.

As the teams prepare to do battle again in a major semifinal tomorrow, Green said if she and her teammates had been observed in the change room after the three-goal win, it would have appeared like they had lost.

That’s because they had all been affected by the sight of Fever’s Verity Charles being taken from the court in severe pain after Green fell across her left leg in the final minute.

Green, who had a knee reconstruction last year, was as relieved as anyone to hear on Tuesday that Charles had been cleared of major damage to her knee.

“As soon as it happened I was mortified,” Green said. “After the game I went straight over to her and you could just see how much pain she was in.

“I was extremely emotional to be honest. My mum had to come down and console me, which was not like me but I think I just know how awful that injury is.

“We all went back into the change room and it looked like we had lost, that’s what it was like in our change room because you just don’t want that to happen to any player, regardless of the situation or the rivalry that’s in place, you just never want that to happen.

“We always have a really good rivalry with West Coast, but also a huge amount of respect for one another.”

Green admitted the Giants took their foot off the pedal in the final quarter after working so hard to build a 14-goal lead.

But the star midcourter said they could not expect to play the same way and get the same result.

“I think it definitely can change in the space of a week,” Green said. “It’s a completely different game going into finals and now it’s all about trying to find the tactics of how to get through.

“Whoever has the better tactics on the day I think is going to win so looking at our game, we can’t play the same way.

“We’ll definitely be doing a bit of work on the things that did work for us, but also being able to change it up so that we are not completely giving away all our secrets.”

The 32-year-old wing attack said her body was in good shape as she prepares for both Jess Anstiss and Shannon Eagland as potential opponents.