After being blindsided by a Stunner from Kevin Owens earlier in the night, Shane-O-Mac co-signed Dolph Ziggler’s idea of trying to shut up KO in a match, and Shane allowed Owens back in the building for this main event.

KO brought the heat early, but Ziggler took control while seeking retribution for Owens’ quick win on Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules. The action stopped when Shane McMahon arrived with a litany of SmackDown LIVE Superstars, seemingly ready to pounce on KO.

As the crew surrounded the ring, Owens kicked out of a Zig Zag before regrouping and dropping The Showoff with a Stunner, though Shane yanked the former Universal Champion out of the ring when he went for the cover. Owens responded by swiftly dropping Shane-O-Mac with a Stunner for the second time that night, and he bolted toward the backstage area to evade the mob.

Owens had bested Shane yet again, but “The Best In The World” promised that payback was coming KO’s way as SmackDown LIVE concluded.