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Thread: Reputation System

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    Reputation System

    We are proud to introduce TI's reputation system.

    Users with many reputation points are more respectable, they can win easier free invites in the GiveAways and they are also considered as more trusted users. Finally, it's also cool to have all these shiny stars and bars under your username !!!

    - Every user is able to give reputation points to other users, by using the button (at the bottom left side of each post).
    - Keep in mind, that each user have different reputation power. The default is 1 point every time we are using the button, but other users have more reputation power. Every time they are pressing this button, they are giving 3, 5, 9......15 (or even more) points !!! Each user's reputation power is depending on these :

    • His total posts (the more posts, the more power).
    • His total reputation points (if he has many, his power is bigger).
    • His account's age (older accounts have more power).

    - Each user's reputation score and power are visible at his profile, below his username.
    - At the bottom of the home page, you can also see the "TOP 20 Users With Highest Reputation".

    This is how these colored boxes are working :

    Each of these boxes is 35 reputation points (175 points when you complete these ).

    Each of these boxes is 65 reputation points (325 points when you complete these ).

    Each of these boxes is 100 reputation points (500 points when you complete these ).

    So, all these 15 boxes are 1000 reputation points.

    For every 1000 points, a user is getting a special reputation star. These are the available stars :

    This is the 1st star, equals to 1000 reputation points.

    This is the 2nd star, for users who got 2000 points.

    This is the 3rd and last star a user is possible to get.

    As you can understand this is the maximum possible level :

    This is the ultimate goal for every TI user. When you reach this level, you are definitely one of our best users !

    Don't forget to check the Competitions section. There, you can find many different ways to win your first reputation points !!!

    Reputation rules :
    1) Do not abuse the button. Give points to users who really deserve these.
    2) As you can see, it's also possible to leave a negative (I disapprove) reputation. In this case, you also have to add a reason. Please be fair and give negative reputations to bad posts and not just because you don't like the poster.
    3) Don't even think to create dupe accounts in order to give reputation to your main account. All the involved accounts will get banned permanently.
    4) Users with less than 5 posts are not able to use the reputation system.

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