Many things have changed lately, so we have inform you about all these changes.

  • We created the VIP GiveAways Section. We are currently giving away Pedro's, FTN, CHDbits, BitHumen and many more high level invites in there !!!
  • Also don't forget our normal GiveAways Section which is more active than ever.
  • Our Image Upload site, is up running again. Use it to upload your screenshots, or to create some nice tracker's reviews.
  • Some of our staffers don't have time to help any more, so we created a Trial Moderator Application in order to add some new users and keep our forum clean and well organized as usual.
  • The News Team is a very important part of our forum, so if you think you can help the whole community, fill the News Team Application.
  • We would be glad to follow our Twitter and FaceBook pages. This is the best way to be always up to date, with the most recent news and the best offers !

And don't forget :
- We are THE ONLY forum which is totally against hacked accounts/invites and any other kind of cheating. We are doing our best to keep TI clean, so report anything suspicious and we will investigate it.
- Don't hesitate to make any suggestions or report any bugs in This thread. Every single opinion will be very much appreciated.
- Here on TI we are rewarding good/active/fair users and of course our Donators. So keep trying guys.

TI staff team.