Hi, i have 3 Soul-Arena accounts to trade, for a N-A account!

1st acc:

6-1(+3) Level 6
Chairs: Default chars, and: Yumichika, Grand Fisher, Hanatarou, Kuukaku

2nd acc:

128-121(+2) Level 30
Chairs: 1st page: All, except: Runuganga, Metastacia, Hooleer
2nd page: All except Toshiro and Gin
3nd: All except: Hueco Mundo Byakuya, Bankai Komamura, Bankai Toshiro
4th page: All except Luppi Antenor
5th: All, except: Barragan Luisenbarn, Stark, Segunda Ulquiorra, Resurreccion Harribel, Resurreccion Barragan, Resurreccion Yammy, Tousen, Inner Ichi, Senna

3nd acc:

129-68(+1) Level: 36
Chairs: 1st page: All, except:Runuganga, Hooleer
2nd page: Got all
3nd: All, except: Bankai Toshi, Bankai Komamura
4th: Got all
5th: All, except: 2 Ulqui's, Grimmjow, Resurreccion Harribel, Resurreccion Barragan, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, Inner Ichigo, Senna.

My mainly want is a N-A account with all chairs, and Jinchuuriki rank. If you have any account for N-A, then pm me, and i will think about it!

If you want proof, i will screen you the chairs that i got, just tell me witch account is that you are interested, and i will screen the chairs.

Sorry for my english.