Dear Uploaders/Downloaders,

Some of you may know me as a Microsoft Products Uploader and Seller of the Microsoft Products Keys.

Please allow me to introduce myself as an Affiliate Manager of the popular file host
Contact me via pm or skype if you wish to try as your favorite filehost program. Please do pm me with your previous filehost earning stats in order to avail the following:

1. Unlimited Storage
2. Files never get deleted due to inactivity
3. Lifetime Premium Account.
4. And many more... - We are brand new but we came to give the best File Hosting services. And users with us enjoy high speed downloads and high speed upload with much more added benefits.

Site URL:

Key Features

1) FTP Upload - User can upload through FTP using with their username and password. But FTP account will be ready only after few hours of account creation.
2) High Speed Remote Uploads.
3) Huge Storage Space.
4) Zoom Uploader Support.
5) API for upload.

PPS Users Special Features

1) Customized download speed.
2) Customized waiting time.
3) Customized bandwidth limit set.
4) Ad free downloads for their files if they need.
5) Special Storage

Affiliate Program we offers

1) PPD - Upto 20$ and filesize should be minimum 5mb.
2) PPS - 60% of Sales and 50% for every Rebills. Reseller Sales - 30% of Sales and 30% for every Rebills.
3) Mix - 40% of Download and 30% of sales and rebills and 20% of Reseller Sales and Rebills.

Webmaster Gets 10% of every sale they make through their site.Our PPD Rates are as Follows.

Note: Profit Mode can change once in every 48 Hours.

Tier 1 - United States, United Kindom, Australia, France,Germany.

Tier 2- Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Finaland, New Zealand.

Tier 3- Russia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Lativa, Estonia,Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Sierra Leone, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Oman, Malta, Gibralta, Mexica, Argentina.

Tier 4 - All Other.

Upcoming Features

PPS with Rebills - It is now live.

Note:Minimum Payout 10$ , Payment methods are WMZ , MB , Perfect Money , Indian Bank and PayZa. We pay every week.


1. When & how the files are deleted, besides being 'junk with 0 DL' ?

Free Users : 5 Days
Free Registered : 30 Days
Premium : Unlimited ( up to 1tb ) any user with more than 1tb their files will be deleted 90 days of inactivity. ( PPS users can be whitelisted if they have valid reason and get lifetime validity )

2. Are there any warnings/reason given prior to file deletion or account termination?

File Deletion will happen usually if we get DMCA report. We don't terminate any account unless it violates most important rules. And yes you will get a warn before we terminate.

3. How many DL can unregistered/registered users DL per day?

User can download any number of files , but free users are limited to download 1gb and free registered are allowed to download 2gb a day.

4. Current speed limit of unregistered/registered DL?

Free - 75kbps
Registered - 150kbps

5. Countdown timer for unregistered/registered user?

Free - 60 Seconds
Registered - 30 Seconds

6. Current earning rate of multiple DL per IP, and max earning limit per IP?

We count more than 1 download per IP , But until it reaches certain amount 10 cents.

7. Current payment option, payment date.For payment option you can see in your profile.

Payment Days : Request between 1st to 15th you will be paid on 30th - 15th and request between 15th to 30th you will be paid on 15th to 1st.

If we follow this we will have enough time to get funds from receiver and also avoid such delays.

Note: This time we will follow the old payout method. And also , WMZ have not received yet. So please bear with me.

Important:Users who abuse the site will not be tolerated and free users with lots of junk files with 0 downloads are deleted without warning.We accept every legal files.

Contact me via skype = prathaprabhu / pm me.

FileOM Affiliate Manager