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    I ordered a 750mbit / 900GB model from France and I took the prioritized traffic option. I was hoping for something fast but unfortunately I was dissapointed.

    It does go fast IF there's an in-house peer but even then , it cannot substain the speed for long. I would say this box has a substainable 20 Mo/s DL/UL. It bursted to around 50 Mo/s but it didn't last long. I'm not asking for a steady 750mbit but I honeslty think 20 Mo/s DL is pretty slow.

    FTP speeds are great tho , specially with their bouncer servers ! I was able to max out a 200 mbps connection (± 26 Mo/s)

    This morning I switched to the 1000mbit / 1250 GB model without traffic priority and I don't see much of a difference.

    They have an OK customer support. When I contacted them for billing issues they answered almost immediately but when I contacted them for slow speeds they deleted my ticket lol ...

    Resumé : I don't think I'll continue my service with them. It's sad because everything else than the speed is very good (Cpu power , hdd iops, interface, FTP speeds)

    THEN :

    I contacted them to be refunded but they offered me to try NL before. I accepted.#

    I now have the NL 1000mbit / 1250GB package.

    It's WAAAYYY faster than France.

    The direct FTP connection to Canada is poor but with their bouncers it's pretty good.
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