New York's own Cardi B stepped onto the 2018 Grammy red carpet looking like a real-life angel descended from heaven wings and everything! It's not like we would expect anything less from the Bronx rapper. After the monumental year she's had, it's only appropriate that she would #bless us all at the music industry's biggest and most star-studded night.

But Cardi's reign didn't stop at the red carpet. Although the "Bodak Yellow" rapper lost Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance to hip-hop titan Kendrick Lamar, she won our hearts and, more importantly, the admiration of her peers (and Bono!). From a fire performance of "Finesse" with Bruno Mars to a statement-making debut at Madison Square Garden, Cardi was the belle of the ball. And reminded us all that her Cinderella story is only just beginning.

Let's take a look at some of Cardi's best moments from the night. Okurrr!

She was an angelic vision in white.

Cardi B made a statement at her first-ever Grammys in a bold, tiered white dress with butterfly sleeves from Syrian designer Ashi.

The back was equally stunning.

Of course Cardi wore red-bottomed Christian Louboutin heels on the red carpet. As if she would wear anything else.

She got to share the moment with her sister Hennessy Carolina.

Cardi and her younger sister donned matching looks on the red carpet, which makes sense because these two are as close as can be.

She made her E! News moment count.

"I feel nervous, overwhelmed, everything," she told E! News host Giuliana Rancic. "I feel it all, whoo! Butterflies in my stomach and vagina!" Cardi keeps it real 100 percent of the time. Sometimes, a little too real.

She rocked her retro performance with Bruno Mars.

This is the definition of a BIG MOOD.

She received a handwritten note from Bono.

Here's a video of Cardi B freaking out over a handwritten note from U2 frontman Bono that is sure to brighten your day. "Nobody talk to me now," Cardi said. "Where's Bono? And our names both start with a 'B.'" Well, she's not wrong.

Jay-Z anointed her the future of rap (or how I imagine this conversation went).

Someone, anyone, please write a 10,000-word fan fic about this joyous encounter. LOOK AT HOW HAPPY SHE IS.