Hi All,

I was wondering how most of you use the seedbox and if or more poeple here use Plex.

My setup is as follows for now as of this week.

seedbox.cc server:

- Jacket Indexes my trackers and sends it to Radarr
- Deluge Downloads and Uploads using tags from Radarr
- Radarr automaticly renames files and keep track of Downloads
- Rclone sends finished renamed media to my gdrive (Encrypted) as custom script once radarr finished renaming.

Home Server 40 Cores Xeon 2680V2

- rclone mount to gdrive where seedbox.cc uploads to same encryption used.
- Plex Server with Google Drive Mount

Most content is 4K, server either directplays media to one of my clients or transcodes if the client doesen't support the media format.
The file size is big around 20GB per movie and some 50GB, i was hoping to reduce the size but with 4k content this seems to be minium file size in order to get the best expierence.

I'm still not sure if i keep it this way to be honnest i was hoping to run my plex server somewhere else then home, running it on seedbox.cc is no options as you cannot mount the drive on your machine and the mount that comes with the plex installation is a forced path.
Also it seems that seedbox.cc upload is limited to around 30 mb's? not to bad but i just noticed it.

What about others here?