The next feature release of Windows 10, Windows 10 version 1809 (may be named the October 2018 Update), improves the built-in Registry Editor.

Microsoft did not touch the Registry Editor of the Windows operating system for a long time. While it did offer basic functionality like creating, editing, and removing Registry keys and values, it did not support many features that third-party Registry editors offered.

Programs like RegScanner, Regalyzer, Registry Commander or Registry Finder added useful features such as an address bar, tabbed editing, or better filtering options that improved how system administrators work with the Registry.

Microsoft introduced an address bar in the built-in Registry Editor when it launched Windows 10 Build 14942 in 2016. The new functionality was launched in the Windows 10 Creators Update for all users but was not introduced in earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.


Microsoft released a new build for the next feature version of Windows 10 to the Insider Channel and it included two new Registry Editor improvements that improve productivity further.

The first adds a dropdown menu to the address bar. Whenever you type something in the address bar, you will get the next path of the structure displayed as suggestions.

The feature works similar to who auto-complete works in web browsers. Just type and all matches are displayed to you so that you may select one of the available options using mouse or keyboard.

If you do type in the address bar sometimes directly when using the Registry Editor, you may find the new suggestive feature useful as it may save you some typing or looking at the structure in case you don't remember a key's name.

The second new feature adds options to delete steps from the path. You can use Ctrl-Backspace to delete the last path or Ctrl-Delete to delete the next path in cause there is something after the cursor.

The usefulness depends largely on how you use the Registry Editor. If you do type manually at times, you may find the new functionality useful.

Users and admins who just click around or use copy & paste won't notice a difference, however.