The first live-action commercial for the Xbox Series X/S, featuring the talents of Daniel Kaluuya and Labrinth, is now available online and challenges players to power their dreams with the next-gen systems. The Xbox Series X is set to hit store shelves on November 10 alongside the cheaper and less powerful Xbox Series S. That means it will launch before the highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 by as much as a week in some territories.

With the Xbox Series X/S just a few weeks away, Microsoft is likely to dramatically increase its marketing presence for the consoles. That will be necessary to convince gamers to choose the system over the PS5, especially with the lack of worthwhile launch titles that will be available in November. Over the last week, reports have also emerged that the Xbox Series X gives off much more heat than other video game consoles. However, it does appear to run incredibly quietly as a result of the sophisticated ventilation system.

Microsoft has released the first live-action commercial for the Xbox Series X/S, launching the marketing campaign for its next-generation consoles. The video features the same "power your dreams" slogan from Microsoft's previous promotional material and asks players to "dream with us" with the new consoles. Available on the official Xbox Twitter account, the commercial heavily features imagery from Halo: Infinite despite the fact that the game has been delayed. It also contains the talent of British actor Daniel Kaluuya and music from Labrinth. The full TV commercial will debut during the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks NFL game on Sunday night.

Halo: Infinite was originally meant to be Microsoft's big launch title to release alongside the Xbox Series X/S. However, the game was delayed earlier in the summer to allow the developer to polish the presentation following a disappointing gameplay reveal. Several high-profile veterans from the Halo franchise, such as Joseph Staten, have been brought in to try and ensure the game now reaches its 2021 launch window. That hasn't stopped marketing material from appearing in stores via a cross-promotion with Monster Energy Drink.

It is no surprise that Microsoft has begun its marketing push for the Xbox Series X/S. After all, both systems are set to release worldwide in November so there are only a few weeks left for Microsoft to try and make it a successful launch. But it is strange for the company to focus so much on Halo: Infinite considering the fact that the game still doesn't have an actual release date following its delay.

he Xbox Series X/S is due to launch worldwide on November 10, 2020.