A potential leak of the Xbox Series S specs claims that the lesser-powered next-gen console will also be a digital-only console. The Xbox Series S has been rumored to be a less powerful version of the Xbox Series X, but Microsoft has yet to confirm these rumors by announcing said console.

Previous leaks have seemingly confirmed the Xbox Series S is a legitimate console. The most recent of which is a white Xbox Series X packaging leak that claims the controller works on both the Series X and Series S. The leak was pretty believable as it consisted of photos of an actual white Xbox Series X controller and its packaging. Recent candid images of the console also showed what the Xbox Series X looks like up-close, which also showed the console's disc drive.

According to a leak from Tweak Town (and corroborated by industry insider Tom Warren), the Xbox Series S is a slightly less-powerful console, meaning it will be a cheaper next-gen option for gamers on a budget. The alleged specs also claim that the Series S does not have a disc drive making it a digital-only console. This means that players will not be able to play physical copies of games on the Series S, however, they will be able to play digital games including games they have purchased on Xbox One. Tweak Town has also stated that the Series S specs are not confirmed, but are based on information gathered over time.

While Microsoft has yet to announce the Xbox Series S, the leaks are enough to all but confirm its existence. The Xbox One had its own budget-friendly model, the Xbox One S, and it would make sense for Microsoft to continue that trend. While the Xbox One S did allow for players to play physical versions of their games, gamers shouldn't expect the same experience from the Series S.

Regardless of whether or not the Series S does have a disc drive, the appeal of Xbox is leaning more and more towards its Game Pass subscription service. Players who primarily use the Xbox Game Pass service will probably lean towards the Xbox Series S as its alleged specs make it a pretty decent machine that will be capable of running all next-gen titles. But for collectors who enjoy having physical copies of games, they will want to purchase a Series X unless they are fond of their games collecting dust for eternity.