The Xbox Game Pass October lineup is getting an update this week, adding hits like Age Of Empires 3 and Tales Of Vesperia to Microsoft’s successful online video game streaming service. Xbox Game Pass has been on a roll throughout 2020, with the number of new subscribers increasing to over 15 million players in the past six months.

Of course, this surge in Xbox Game Pass users can be attributed to the astonishing number of high-quality titles that the service offers to fans for a small monthly fee, ranging from older gems like Final Fantasy IX to modern hits like the recently-acquired Doom Eternal. While Microsoft has admitted that Game Pass hasn’t always been the most profitable venture for the Xbox brand, the company is nonetheless committed to making it a major part of the new Xbox Series X’s marketing strategy in the years to come - which of course means that the new game offers won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Earlier this morning, Xbox revealed the release dates for the titles that will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in October, which include the remastered strategy game Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the RPG classic Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, the body-climbing indie gem Heave Ho and the neo-noir platformer Katana Zero. All of these games will be added to Game Pass on October 15, while a second wave of titles consisting of the roguelike platformer ScourgeBringer, the 2019 Ashes Championship sponsored sports sim Cricket 19, and the quirky action-puzzle sandbox Supraland will be coming to the service on October 21 and 22. There will also be DLC updates for titles like Black Desert, Destiny 2, and Doom Eternal throughout the month.

Xbox is currently looking to the horizon with the impending launch of the Xbox Series X next month, but that hasn't stopped it from continuing to impress with Xbox Game Pass. The lineup of new games coming to the service in October contains a nice variety of old and new titles spanning several different genres, and should provide Xbox fans enough to hold them over until the next generation of gaming arrives.