Dream Fighters

Nintendo's latest Direct yielded an exciting announcement: Super Smash Bros. is officially coming to Nintendo Switch. And that's not all; the game is coming in 2018. Naturally, this has us pretty excited, and we're already speculating which characters we want to be on the game's roster. While characters who have been in past entries, like Ice Climbers and Star Wolf, are obvious choices for us, we're also eager to see characters from other Nintendo franchises and third-party games make appearances. Here are the 20 characters we want to see the most in Super Smash Bros. on Switch.

As of yet, we don't know if this an updated version of Super Smash Bros. Wii U or a brand-new game. If it is a port, it could follow the model of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. There are plenty of other Wii U titles that deserve a second chance on Switch as well--you can see some of the ones we want most here--but Smash Bros. is undoubtedly the most obvious candidate. Nintendo has remained ambiguous about what form this game will take.

Which characters do you want to see in Smash Bros. for Switch? Let us know in the comments below. For more on the recent Nintendo Direct, check out GameSpot's roundup of all the Nintendo Direct news, which includes release dates for some of the most exciting upcoming Switch and 3DS games.

Captain Toad

Super Smash Bros. rosters are generally dominated by the expected heroes and villains. What I want to see is another character like Animal Crossing's Villager who is a little more unconventional. Captain Toad may seem harmless, but the idea of him transforming into a fighter who can go toe-to-toe with Bowser, Ganon, or precious Mario (you know Captain Toad hates him and his proclivity for jumping and hogging the spotlight) would get me more interested in the Switch edition of Smash than anything else.

While sure to be just one part of an expansive roster, making Captain Toad playable in Smash would help to provide Switch's Treasure Tracker re-release with some additional attention. He may not have the makings of a prototypical fighter, but to me that's what would make him more interesting.

I'd be curious to see how Nintendo finds a workaround for his inability to jump--maybe he could throw his backpack into the air before leaping. He has a variety of tools and abilities at his disposal in Treasure Tracker (a pickaxe, an off-screen turnip gun, the ability to pull things out of the ground) that could be leveraged as weapons in Smash. And imagining a matching Treasure Tracker stage--one that messes with camera perspectives--is even more exciting.

Captain Toad may not have the glitz and glamor of other names, but his unique nature would make him a worthwhile member of the roster. | Chris Pereira

Crash Bandicoot

Crash never made it into PlayStation All Stars, but he deserves a chance to throw down. With the N. Sane trilogy making its way to Switch, I think it's time for everyone's favorite marsupial to do the same.

Crash's moveset is so easy to envision: spinning attacks, throwing wumpa fruit, and a Final Smash that slaps a golden Aku Aku mask on his face, charging him up like some kind of Australian Super Saiyan. If Crash were added to the roster, elements of his games could also be incorporated into the Smash universe. Maybe a standard mask could be picked up by anyone. Maybe the game's signature crates could be added to Smash's group of containers like barrels and party balls. One thing's for sure: making Crash a playable character should also mean Coco joining as an assist trophy.

Let's talk stages. The Crash Bandicoot series has been all over the world, from the Great Wall of China to Ancient Egypt to a crazy techno-centric future. Why not take the "warped" mentality of Crash 3 and have fighters bounce between those crazy locations? I can already picture Neo Cortex floating around in the background of the outer space phase of the map. | Tony Wilson

Toon Zelda/Tetra

The Smash Bros. series has seen many Links: Young Link, Toon Link, regular Link, and now, what looks like Breath of the Wild Link. But there's only one Zelda. Zelda/Sheik is one of the standout characters, of course, but it's time for something new. Tetra is a badass pirate queen with a sword, and her Princess Zelda transformation has a bow with light arrows--among other possible weapons. (Her Hyrule Warriors incarnation has a pistol, for example.) She's scrappy, she's sassy, her pirate ship is already a Smash stage, and she already has an Amiibo.

Even if she didn't transform like her standard counterpart, Tetra or Toon Zelda would both make sense among the ranks of the top Smash fighters. And it's about time. Plus, I just really want Wind Waker HD to come to Switch. | Kallie Plagge

Ice Climbers

The Ice Climbers were introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee as representatives of the NES era of Nintendo's history. As a single entity, Popo and Nana were different from the other fighters; if the NPC-controlled Ice Climber was knocked out, you could still fight, just without team moves. Fighting as them was just really...well, cool.

Popo and Nana got shafted in Smash 4. Supposedly cut due to the 3DS' limited processing power (and the fact that there probably won't be another game in their series soon, if ever, so they weren't a high priority), the Ice Climbers only appeared as a trophy. But the Switch solves one of those problems, at least! And if what Masahiro Sakurai says is true, and the Ice Climbers were fully functional in the Wii U version, it's not too much to ask to bring them back in the next Super Smash Bros. | Kallie Plagge


Since his debut in Super Mario RPG, fans have been clamoring for ♡♪!? (also known as Geno for those who struggle to pronounce his true name). While a true Super Mario RPG sequel will likely never happen, there is hope for the badass Star Road warrior to appear in Smash. When Nintendo started to release character announcement trailers for the Wii U and 3DS versions, I'd sit on the edge of my seat hoping he'd be revealed every time. When it came to the final DLC character reveal, Nintendo found a way to get my hopes up, only to crush them instantly. They showed off Geno, but not the way anyone wanted. We were told Geno was available...but as a Mii Gunner costume. While I was happy to see they acknowledged his existence, it was still disappointing to see he was still not a playable fighter.

If he were to be added, he'd make an excellent ranged fighter and a welcome roster addition compared to the influx of sword-based fighters in recent games. Geno Beam (or even Geno Flash) would be perfect as a charge attack and Geno Whirl could be used similar to Samus's missile with the side-B attack. For a Final Smash, Geno Blast would look gorgeous as rays of light come flashing down to devastate his opponents.While I know deep down that it's a long shot, I'm still hoping that somehow he'll find his way onto the roster. With the inclusion of Square Enix's Cloud in the most recent version, the door is now open for Geno. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting his arrival. | Gajan Kulasingham


One of the most exciting aspects of every Super Smash Bros. release is seeing which forgotten Nintendo characters the developers have plucked from obscurity and added to the roster. Not only is it fun to see old mascots completely reimagined on a modern console, but in many cases, an appearance in Smash Bros. heralds a revival for their series--as was the case with Kid Icarus after Pit appeared in Brawl. While Golden Sun may not be as well-known as some of Nintendo's other franchises, I'd still love to see its main protagonist, Isaac, join the fray.

Despite his brief tenure in the spotlight (only three Golden Sun games have been released thus far, the latest of which starred not Isaac but his son, Matthew), Isaac is perfectly suited for Smash Bros. thanks to his special abilities. As an Adept, he's capable of wielding Psynergy, magic-like abilities that would form the basis of his moveset. To further set him apart from other fighters, he could equip different Djinn during a match, which would alter the Psynergy spells at his disposal. And for his Final Smash, Isaac could call upon one of Golden Sun's many other over-the-top summons, such as Judgment, to deliver a devastating, screen-consuming attack.

Moreover, Isaac isn't a complete stranger to Smash Bros.; he appeared as an Assist Trophy in Brawl, so it would hardly be a stretch for him to make the leap to playable character. The Smash series may already have a glut of swordsmen on its roster, but I think Isaac has enough unique skills in his repertoire to make a great addition--and if it would help pave the way for a new Golden Sun game on Switch, so much the better. | Kevin Knezevic

King K. Rool

For every great hero, there is a villain that helps define them. For Batman, there is the Joker. For Mario, there is Bowser. And for Donkey Kong, there is King K. Rool. The Kremlings leader has been around since Donkey Kong Country and has frequently opposed the Kongs. Being such an iconic foe to a popular Nintendo character makes his absence in Smash Bros quite perplexing.

If King K. Rool were to be added, he'd easily be classified as a heavyweight character--of which there is a significant need in the Smash Bros. games. With so many smaller, faster characters in the game, adding more powerhouse fighters would definitely be a welcome addition. He'd even have a vast array of costume options based off his various appearances in the DK Country games, such as Kaptain K. Rool, Baron K. Roolenstein, and King Krusha K. Rool. As for attacks, he has a wide amount of gadgets at his disposal, which could be attached to his basic attacks. This could make him a fun powerhouse character capable of dealing significant melee damage up close but also have the option of utilizing ranged attacks. I'd be excited to see him added, but I'm honestly surprised he hasn't been in a Smash game already. | Gajan Kulasingham


The Chrono series, outside of the thoroughly excellent DS re-release and the not-so-good PC port, has been silent for a long time. But aside from the business and development reasons that the seminal RPG only received one semi-sequel in Chrono Cross, a character crossover with the next Smash Bros. actually makes some weird sense.

The biggest argument for Crono is that Cloud was playable in Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The protagonist from Final Fantasy VII is a staunchly third-party character from a Final Fantasy game that never came to a Nintendo console, so there's at least a precedent for that level of crossover. The Final Fantasy VII Remake gives a reason to elevate Cloud's profile (so maybe Aeris or Tifa would be a more-likely candidate). But Crono is such an outstanding character from developer Square's past and its long-running relationship with Nintendo.

The other reason that Cloud makes a good fit is that, despite being yet another character with a sword, his reliance on multi-character attacks mean that he'd have his own unique identity, moveset, and visual flair.

Crono is a long shot character, especially since unlike Final Fantasy, there isn't an official high-definition 3D model of the character available. But who would've guessed that Cloud, Ryu, and Bayonetta would ever be in a Smash game? | Justin Haywald

Professor Layton
The austere professor with his oversized hat may sound like an odd fit for Smash, but as an iconic representative of puzzle gaming on the DS, Professor Layton is long overdue for a spot on the SSB roster.

The best examples for how Layton would work in a fighter is Phoenix Wright, who made an appearance in various Vs. Capcom fighting games, or a character like the peaceful Animal Crossing Villager. Not having a ready-made assortment of combat abilities doesn't rule out their effectiveness in a wacky game like Smash. And as we've seen from several of Layton's adventures, he's an accomplished fencer, so he's ready to throw down with a weapon when the situation calls for it.

And Layton could also introduce fun, interactive stages that play off his previous adventures. Hand-drawn village backgrounds that open up to unlock puzzles, and maybe the characters on the screen would have to try to solve some of the simpler ones in order to avoid hazards from hitting everyone one the screen.

Layton has been a dream addition to Smash for me for a long time, and figuring out how he'd fit into the game doesn't feel like a terribly difficult puzzle. | Justin Haywald