Video game fans are being given a chance to get their hands on the next-gen PlayStation 5 by none other than Burger King. The new console is set to release on either November 12th or November 19th, depending on location. The consoles have been a bit hard to secure, though, thanks to the absolute fiasco that erupted when Sony made PS5 preorders available.

The food industry has a rich history of tie-ins with famous video games. Even today, players can pick up exclusive content for games like Halo Infinite just by buying snack foods, which is particularly surprising since Halo Infinite was recently delayed into next year. In the modern age of internet and social media, it's easier than ever for brands to link up with the video game industry in new ways. A particularly noteworthy example of this interconnected marketing occurred just yesterday. The Burger King himself took to Twitter to reveal the startup sound of the PlayStation 5 in a strange new crossover that promised more to come on October 15th.

What exactly will be coming on October 15th seems to have been unveiled by Newsweek. A special cross-promotion between Burger King and Sony might put free PS5s in the hands of a few lucky burger eaters. The special promotion will run from October 15th to November 22nd. Interested customers will have to register on the Burger King website or phone app, then purchase the restaurant's two for $5 meal or any other product that comes out to $5+. Each purchase will give fans one token to use in Burger King's digital scratch-off game, which could net them a PlayStation 5, PlayStation game codes, or coupons for more Burger King.

Burger King has been finding strange new ways to advertise to gamers for a while now. Recently the fast food brand caught some flak for introducing an unorthodox advertising campaign on Twitch, donating minimal amounts to streamers so that their automated systems would read out Burger King ads mid-stream. While the plan showed no shortage of creativity, it was also remarkably disruptive and shallow, and it was met with a lot of negative reactions.

Burger King's new promotion is much more traditional. It can easily be compared to most other fast food sweepstakes, a staple of American culture for years now. Customers get burgers and, at the same time, the chance to win much more than burgers. The odds of actually getting a brand new PlayStation 5 out of this promotion are surely very slim, but it remains an entertaining way for two customers to sell their products side by side.