Razer has been on a roll introducing a number of items targeted at gamers. The company has long existed in the gaming space, offering mice, keyboards, headsets, and even Razer Respawn gum. The gaming chair has increasingly become a staple for players, and even a status symbol. So it was only a matter of time before Razer made its foray into that market.

The company just launched its first gaming chair, the Iskur, an ergonomic repose with fully sculpted lumbar support, multi-layered synthetic leather, and high-density foam cushions. A differentiator between the Iskur and other gaming chairs on the market is the adjustable lumbar support that can be moved in or out to align with the curvature of the userís spine. Many gaming chairs come with a detached pillow that moves about and provides inconsistent support, or a lumbar curve that cannot be adjusted.

Because gamers often are seated in front of their devices for hours at a time, the Iskur features dense cushions that mold to support a playerís body contours. The chair also provides adjustable armrests that can be moved up, down, forward, backward, inward or outward to create better support. A memory foam cushion that molds to the shape of the userís head completes the chair, and its position can also be adjusted.

The Iskur has been built to last, according to Razer. With a $499 price point, buying this gaming chair can be an investment. So it would not be ideal if the chair gave out after only a short period of time. The body of the chair is made with reinforced steel that Razer states can support up to 299 pounds and is suitable for gamers whose heights range from 5í6Ē to 6í2Ē. If the chair does inadvertently or unexpectedly encounter problems, the Razer Iskur gaming chair offers a three-year warranty that covers defective parts and components.

If the price of the Iskur chair seems a bit out of reach, the gaming peripheral company recently revealed a line of Razer prepaid cards in partnership with Visa, the premium version of which even features a light-up LED Razer snake logo. One perk of using the Razer Card to purchase items directly from Razer is that buyers can earn 10 percent cash back.

Gamers interested in seeing more of the Razer Iskur gaming chair in action before taking the plunge might be able to obtain additional information about the product by watching RazerCon, a full-day digital event that began today to showcase Razerís newest products.