Sony could already be thinking ahead with regards to the PlayStation 5 line of systems, as a new patent suggests that a PS5 Pro is being planned for the future. Most video game consoles will receive different iterations throughout their run, which include changing the capabilities of the system.

In the old days, most console iterations were more compact versions of the system. The recent console generation introduced stronger variants, including the New 3DS and the Xbox One X. Sony released the PS4 Pro during this generation, which allowed for 4K rendering, improved PlayStation VR technology, and an upgraded GPU. It is expected that Microsoft and Sony will do the same thing during the next console generation, along with Nintendo releasing an updated version of the Switch in the future.

Sony has stated in the past that a PS5 Pro is likely to happen, but plans for the system could be further along than anyone thought. Sony has filed a patent for new hardware, which can be found on Free Patents Online. According to the specifications listed in the patent, the hardware can be used for a "high-end" console, in comparison to a "light" system. The high-end system could contain more memory and could optimize games using cloud technology.

If the technology listed in this patent does what it claims to be able to do, then it will likely be used for an upgraded PS5 system further down the line. As it stands, there are two PS5 variants planned for launch with a single color choice between then, There are currently only two versions of the PS5 being planned for a 2020 release, but they will be shipped at the earliest point in the system's lifespan. Once the PS5 has been around for a couple of years and has a few exclusives under its belt, then it will be time for Sony to break out an upgraded system.

The technology unveiled by Sony during the PS5 reveal event was very impressive, especially compared to what has been shown by Microsoft at similar events. The PS5 reveals that have taken place so far have made us excited for the prospects of next-generation hardware, and we can only wonder what kind of improvements will be featured in the PS5 Pro. As it stands, we likely won't hear anything about a PS5 Pro for a couple of more years, as Sony will be concentrating on promoting the base version of the system in the run-up to its release at the end of 2020.

The PlayStation 5 is due to be released during the 2020 holiday season.