Sony is planning a reveal event for the PlayStation 5 on June 4, according to a recent post on ResetEra by GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb. Sony has not confirmed this announcement, and the word of one person should never be taken as the official truth, but the source is more reliable this time than that of previous PlayStation 5 rumors.

The PlayStation 5 was officially announced late last year, but little information about the new video game console was revealed at the time. Since then, leaks and rumors about the upcoming PS5 console have frequently surfaced, though most have gone unconfirmed by Sony. Originally, a reveal event was rumored for February, but then that was pushed back to May. Now, according to Grubb, the event will take place in June.

The ResetEra forum post, originally reported on by PlayStation Lifestyle, featured a user who commented that they were expecting another quiet info drop soon in the form of a reveal event from Sony, as they've done in the past. In response, Grubb commented that a PS5 reveal event is "currently planned for June 4." Grubb didn't respond to any other comments, and Sony has not confirmed this reveal event date as of the time of this writing. Other forum commenters are taking Grubb seriously, especially as he accurately predicted the dates of last month's Nintendo Direct and Indie World Showcase.

Sony has been slow to confirm any information about the PlayStation 5. The console's full specs were officially released somewhat recently, following months of speculation and after its competitor Microsoft revealed the upcoming Xbox Series X specifications. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the price of the PS5, mostly due to the scarcity and price of its necessary parts, and there's even unconfirmed rumors regarding the release of two different PS5 consoles at launch. Fans are therefore finding it difficult to prepare for the console's holiday 2020 launch because they don't know what exactly to expect to purchase.

It's discouraging that Sony has yet to confirm a reveal event for the PlayStation 5. While for some, Sony is simply building suspense, for others, it could cause disinterest in the console, as they won't have the time or money to plan for their purchase. Plus, as the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to slow or halt various tech productions, confirmation that Sony is still able to work on the console, or that the work has already been completed, would be reassuring. The sooner Sony can release their official plans and price tag for the PlayStation 5, the more likely fans will pre-order or purchase the console when it launches later this year.