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Thread: A Look Back At The History Of Far Cry

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    A Look Back At The History Of Far Cry

    While it's not exactly Call of Duty or Battlefield, the Far Cry series has become one of the biggest first-person shooter series in the industry. With its latest entry, Far Cry 5, set to release soon, we decided to look back at the franchise and how it got to where it is today.

    In the video above, we run through the complete history of Far Cry. We start with the original, open-ended game from Crytek, the studio that would later go on to make the Crysis series. We look at the transition as Ubisoft Montreal took the reigns with the stellar Far Cry 2 and its many follow-ups--there have been quite a few Far Cry games, despite the fact that we're technically only up to Far Cry 5.

    In many ways, Far Cry 3 firmly established the formula that the series still follows today; it was also the first to latch onto the tower-climbing of Assassin's Creed, introducing the climb-the-radio-tower mechanic used to unlock the in-game map. And who can forget Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the bizarre spin-off that no one would have thought to ask for yet offered a brilliant, distilled Far Cry experience seeped in '80s action movie cheese?

    There's not much longer to wait until the next entry in the series is here, as Far Cry 5 is due out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 27. You can watch us chat about the somewhat confusing game in a recent video and read all about the confirmed DLC.
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    Far Cry was huge at the time, a titan of a game. Then Far Cry 2 came out and got swept under the rug...but then FC3 launched and was a complete gamechanger yet again. That game's influence can be felt everywhere these days, it really was a landmark title.

    Thanks for sharing.

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