Kojima Productions, the development team founded by legendary game director Hideo Kojima, is officially working on its next project. It's been nearly a year since the launch of Death Stranding, the first game created by Kojima Productions since the infamous split with Konami that led to the cancellation of Silent Hills. The immense hype that was built up for that game following the launch of the incredible P.T., a fully playable teaser trailer for the cancelled game, led to an uproar when Konami closed it down.

Kojima Productions has born the mark of Hideo Kojima's vision quite prominently, even after the split from Konami. Death Stranding is a very strange game, and it can still baffle fans even a year after its release. It was even more confusing before release; Kojima kept a tight lid on a lot of details about what the game actually was, and only teased out the most cryptic of details. The result was a game that was largely critically acclaimed which some have hailed as an art piece, with a significant artistic meaning that has changed since the game was released. If nothing else, it's a testament to how bizarre Kojima's creative process can be.

In a recent Tweet (via Game Rant), Kojima Productions confirmed that it has started work on a brand new project. The announcement comes amidst a substantial amount of new job listings for "best-in-class talent" to work at the company's Tokyo studio. These listings include game designers and programmers for AI and physics. This indicates that the company is in fact working on a video game; given Kojima's unconventional approach, this fact has been in doubt, since the legendary director has expressed interest in trying his hand at anime and manga.

Details on the new project are scarce. Many fans are hoping for a horror game, especially given Kojima's close relationship with legendary horror artist Junji Ito. The famous game director is even on record mentioning a possible collaboration with the artist, and while that's far from a confirmation, it's enough to generate a lot of excitement, especially given the fate of Silent Hills and P.T. If Kojima Productions could deliver a horror experience of the caliber of that brief demo, it would make a lot of fans very happy.

Ultimately only time will tell what Kojima has up his sleeve. If there's one thing that can be said for sure about the man, it's that he's very hard to predict. The only people who really know what this new Kojima Productions game is are the people who are working on it right now. Hopefully the rest of the world won't have too long to wait to find out more about it for themselves.