It's been revealed that the Xbox Series X is able to load a level in DOOM Eternal in just five seconds, showing off the console's immense next-gen power. Microsoft recently sent out a number of Series X consoles for official previewers to try out, including more than 200 backwards compatible titles, giving gamers a broad and deep hands-on look at the upcoming Xbox's hardware and software.

The Xbox Series X has previously demonstrated very fast load times compared to its current-gen counterpart the Xbox One, which is fitting for a next-gen console. Early hands-on impressions of the Series X noted that it was able to load backwards compatible games much faster than the Xbox One X, which is only three years old. Load times up to 73% faster than current-gen systems were reported, meaning that the Xbox Series X would allow players to enter games more than twice as quickly as older systems. Impressively, that processing power apparently translates well to even newer titles from just the past year.

A tweet by Álvaro Castellano of 3DJuegos resoundingly confirms these incredibly fast next-gen load times. Castellano posted a video on Twitter showing footage of DOOM Eternal being played on an Xbox Series X. In the video it takes only five seconds to load up a level, which is extremely fast compared to the same level being loaded on a current-gen console. Castellano also wrote (roughly translated from Spanish), "No more looking at your phone while loading a game, guys."

These insanely fast load times demonstrate a big leap in hardware and software between current and next-gen consoles. However, these huge advancements also come with some drawbacks. It was recently revealed that a Storage Expansion Card for the Xbox Series system family would go for $220, almost meeting the price of an entire Xbox Series S. This high price is due to the console's revolutionary technology, such as customs SSDs. Internal storage may also be an issue moving forward, as the Xbox Series X's operating system and system files will take up almost 20% of the system's storage capacity.

The fast load times that Álvaro Castellano is demonstrating on the Xbox Series X are extremely impressive, showing a huge leap in power and technology. If the console is able to near-instantly load levels in DOOM Eternal, a recently-released game with fairly large and complex maps, then it should be able to handle any other backwards compatible titles too. This also bodes well for next-gen titles, which will be able to push the console much further than even the most modern current-gen games. While some gamers are worried about a lack of internal storage space for the console, it is hard to deny the raw power being presented by the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X/S will be available on November 10, 2020. Pre-orders are available now.