Funcom's multiplayer survival game Conan Exiles, based on the Conan the Barbarian franchise, released its major Isle of Siptah expansion through Steam Early Access last month. The Early Access release costs $19.99, with plans to increase the price once it fully launches next year, but for that fans of the game can explore a new island with its own unique creatures and a dungeon type called Vaults, as well as access new content like three armor sets.

There are light, medium, and heavy sets of armor coming to the game that were described by Lead Artist Bruno Nunes in a clip from a developer stream uploaded to Funcom's YouTube account last week. Nunes said they are based on the outfits used by the elder races on the Isle of Siptah to enslave humans, with colors, materials, and aesthetics matching the design of Conan Exiles' Vaults, said to contain "horrific creatures, ancient puzzles, and valuable loot."

The first design features visible "ornamented" chains and clamps befitting a dancer or entertainer, according to Nunes; the second has more leather to offer functionality as a blacksmith; while the third is aggressive, serious warrior's platemail. All three are designed to be locked onto their users and include masks that serve as an in-universe example of humans hiding their faces from the elder races.

This particular clip highlighting the new armor is just a small part of the developer discussion which was streamed live on YouTube a few weeks ago, alongside an extended Q&A. Isle of Siptah follows previous major expansions for Conan Exiles like The Frozen North, as well as a number of smaller-scale DLC packs adding extra building types, weapons, mount skins, and more.

Another major selling point for Isle of Siptah is that it will add rhinos as a new mount for players to use alongside previous choices like horses. The game's expansion announcement comes after an odd exchange with its Epic Games Store launch in July. Conan Exiles was originally going to be a free title on the Epic Games Store, but that promotion was retracted at the last minute in favor of the game becoming available to purchase later on.

While not as well-known as its contemporaries like World of Warcraft, the MMO Conan Exiles has amassed its own cult following over the years that make each new content release possible. It's just one extension of the Conan the Barbarian franchise that's active in 2020, including an originally Kickstarted tabletop RPG called Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of.

Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah is available now in Steam Early Access, with a full release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One planned in early 2021.