Fans waiting for the upcoming Assassinís Creed Valhalla might have just gotten a hint as to when the game will be released thanks to a leak by Amazon earlier today. Publisher Ubisoft announced the latest installment of its history-based open-world action series after months of speculation back in April, during an all-day livestream painting session courtesy of famed fan artist BossLogic.

Since then, details regarding Assassinís Creed Valhalla have been coming out at a steady pace over the past couple of months. Set during the Dark Ages of the nineteenth century, the game will tell the tale of Viking warrior Eivor and his/her Nordic clan as they journey to the British-controlled Saxon Kingdoms and try to build (and later defend) a new home for themselves. Although very little actual gameplay has been shown yet (to the chagrin of some fans), Valhalla promises to include such features as the ability to determine Eivorís gender, the return of the Assassinís Creed seriesí fabled stealth-based instant kills after a two-game absence, and historically accurate insult-trading contests called ďflytings,Ē a precursor to modern-day rap battles.

While Assassinís Creed Valhalla has been officially pegged for a Holiday 2020 release date, a new development hints that the game may come earlier. VG 24/7 reports that Amazon Italyís Assassinís Creed Valhalla page briefly listed the titleís street date as October 15, 2020, before quickly changing it to December 31, the default placeholder for when a given gameís real release date hasnít been announced yet. However, Reddit user u/AssassinsCrypt was able to capture a screenshot of the site before it was changed, which you can check out below:

October has been a lightning rod for rumored video game-related releases recently, as it was previously hinted that the PlayStation 5 would be hitting stores during that month before this was debunked by Sony. Meanwhile, Xbox 20/20 showcase title DiRT 5 and the Nintendo Switch port of promising Welsh horror game Maid of Sker are both officially slated for October, although the actual days they will be coming out is still unknown.

Given that the leak regarding Assassinís Creed Valhalla came from a legitimate source like Amazon rather than a simple fan site or Twitter account, itís very likely that the implied October 15 release date is accurate, although Ubisoft could always move it back in light of the premature reveal. In the meantime, fans can download the educational Discovery Modes for Assassin's Creed Origins and Assassin's Creed Odyssey this week if they wish to pass the time while waiting for a more official announcement of Assassinís Creed Valhallaís highly-anticipated release date.