It seems that Apple TV will be making its way to Xbox consoles despite the rivalry that Apple and Microsoft have bitterly fought for decades. One Xbox owner claims to have noticed the app on his Xbox One Insider page, but was unable to download the app at this time. It is currently unclear when the app will be coming to the Xbox or how long this partnership will continue.

Microsoft and Apple have never had a very friendly relationship, and their rivalry hasn't shown any signs of slowing, even as recently as just a few weeks ago. In early August, the two media giants butted heads because Apple blocked Project xCloud from the App store, which caused Microsoft to release a public statement against the action. A few weeks later, Microsoft decided to throw its hat in the ring on the side of Epic Games in their legal battle against Apple over Fortnite's removal from the iOS App Store. Even after Apple changed its stance on streaming apps like xCloud, Microsoft claimed that the new guidelines were still far too restrictive.

Tzunami_Sapp on Twitter posted a screenshot from their Xbox One Insider Program, which appears to show a real-looking Apple TV app. Tzunami saw attempted to download the app, but they received an error message before it downloaded. After this, they claimed that they weren't able to find Apple TV on the Xbox anymore, which possibly means that it was a minor software glitch that allowed Tzunami to see the app before it was supposed to be available.

This led many Twitter users to wonder exactly what this meant, and when they can expect the app to appear on the store for download. The main question, though, is if this meant that the two companies were attempting to mend their long-broken relationship, and if Apple might be rethinking its position on game streaming apps. Others wondered if Xbox would receive other Apple applications like Apple Music. It is still to early to tell with any of this until Microsoft or Apple themselves address it.

The Apple and Microsoft rivalry has lasted for decades, and it remains one of the most famous technological showdowns of all time. Getting the two of them to play nice seems like a very tall order, especially when it comes to hosting the other corporation's applications on their hardware. If adding Apple TV to Xbox can make both companies money though, it might just happen.