Ben Affleck is generally associated with box office success, but major blockbuster openings aren't his norm. Only about a fourth of Affleck's movies have opened wide above $20 million, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was his first feature ever to open above $100 million. His latest drama, The Accountant, fared better than most, snagging first place at the box office this weekend with $24 million.

Kevin Hart has had pretty good success in the last few years converting his stand up events into feature films, and his latest, the third, had the best box office reception so far. Kevin Hart: What Now? brought in $11 million this weekend, more than his first release Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain banked during its entire run. The opening is closer to the $10 million start of his second, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, but that feature only opened in around 850 venues, compared with the much larger 2,500+ theater release of What Now?.

Max Steel, the latest action toy-turned-tv-show movie adaptation, arrived in theaters with a thud. With just $2.1 million it didn't even break into the top ten, settling for a distant eleventh place start. Mattel had been rumored to be preparing an entire movie franchise, spring boarding off of the modest success of its TV show, but that seems unlikely after this weekend's disastrous debut.