Chances are, based on the record-shattering box office run and the general nature of the internet, you really like Deadpool. Hell, you may even love it! The film is a labor of love and throws some necessary jabs at the ever growing superhero genre, but now it's time for Deadpool to take it as well as it can give it. The hit R-rated superhero film wasn't shy to make fun of itself (the ingenious opening credits, for instance), but now CinemaSins is stepping up to a plate with their latest video pointing out everything wrong with Deadpool.

Strap yourselves in; it's twenty minutes.

Not one to exclude any movie from their sights, CinemaSins takes a look at arguably the most successful superhero film of the year. Now, these CinemaSins video can get extremely nitpicky for the sake of a joke and it's no different here. A good portion of these sins are pointing out the flawed plot logic -- like falling perfectly into a random garbage truck -- that's present in just about every movie, but that's just what how these videos are.

Though Deadpool doesn't show up to provide his own commentary like in his Honest Trailer, this video still has its moments and points out some genuine flaws with the movie. For instance, there's the utter lack of extras in the X-Mansion, where Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead seem to be the only residents (something Deadpool also points out). They also throw plenty of shade at the main antagonist Ajax, who is seriously underwhelming in the movie. He doesn't really leave an impression despite his involvement in Deadpool's origins getting a ton of focus, and he comes off pretty bland compared to the films title personality.

In the end, Deadpool gets a tally of 118 sins, but because Deadpool doesn't hesitate to make fun of itself and other genre tropes, CinemaSins goes into a funny bonus round where they retract a sin for every one Deadpool himself points out. It turns out Deadpool can be self-deprecating with the Green Lantern and X-Men: Wolverine Origins jokes and makes 28 sins against itself, leaving its final ranking at 90 sins.

Despite a relatively high sin count, Deadpool is still a widely enjoyable ride that may have begun a trend of R-rated superhero films. Despite the exit of Tim Miller as director, Deadpool 2, which plans to make fun of sequels, seems to be on track. God's Perfect Idiot Ryan Reynolds will return to play the role he was born for, while John Wick director David Leitch steps into the director's chair. The hunt for a Cable is still underway, with a rumored casting for Domino coming soon as well.

Deadpool 2 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 2, 2018.