AMC's The Walking Dead is now the most recent show to troll the movie subscription-based service MoviePass. MoviePass made headlines last year when they announced a price drop to $9.95 a month and got 2 million subscribers because of it. This attracted many moviegoers since the usual cost of a ticket is now somewhere around $10 depending on what time they go to the theater.

Paying $9.95 for the ability to see one movie a day seemed like a no-brainer, especially for frequent moviegoers who would otherwise spend hundreds of dollars per month seeing the same number of films, but many wondered how MoviePass was making any money if they were still paying the theater the full cost of the ticket. Well, it turns out they haven't been anywhere close to profitable and their app completely stopped working because of it. MoviePass continues to cause outrage among their subscribers due to their constant changes and now the Twitter for The Walking Dead has begun to troll MoviePass.

The Walking Dead Twitter account recently posted a gif of Rick Grimes saying, "This is how we live now." The caption may be a bit drastic, but it perfectly captures the struggle MoviePass' subscribers are currently facing. The deal MoviePass promised its subscribers may have seemed too good to be true and the company is now dealing with the blow-back as their stock prices continue to drop.

These criticisms aimed at MoviePass began recently when they started their "surge-pricing" method which charges subscribers additional money if they want to see a movie that is in high demand. To make matters even worse, MoviePass is now completely blocking their users from seeing major blockbusters such as Mission Impossible: Fallout, Christopher Robin, and The Meg. This may seem disappointing to movie buffs who go see films on opening weekend but, thankfully, there are other options.

AMC launched their own subscription service and Sinemia also created new subscription plans that compete with MoviePass. Both AMC and Sinemia's plans are more expensive than MoviePass, of course, but this may be better than nothing at the moment. Only time will tell what happens to MoviePass, but, for the time being, the internet will more than likely continue to take a stern stance against MoviePass, just as The Walking Dead social media team has done, especially since their service is increasingly becoming anti-consumer as the days go on.