Another trilogy is in the works for the Fallen franchise. The action movies star Gerald Butler as a US Secret Service agent and Aaron Eckhart as the President of the United States. The series, which began with 2013ís Olympus Has Fallen, also features Morgan Freeman as the Speaker of the House. Despite generally mixed reviews from critics, the films have proved to be a success at the box office. In new comments, one of the franchiseís producers unveiled his plans for the future of the film series.

In the most recent installment, Angel Has Fallen, Mike Banning (Butler) finds himself framed for the failed attempt to assassinate the US president. On the run from his own agency as well as the FBI, Banning must clear his name and stop a real threat targeting Air Force One. The movie received a lukewarm reception, with reviewers pointing out that the film was uneven despite its enjoyable moments. The response at the box office has been very different, with the franchise earning more than $500 million. Alan Siegel, a producer on the series, explained why that success has made him consider the possibility of spinoffs that extend beyond the realm of the big screen.

According to Deadline, fourth, fifth, and sixth entries are planned in the action series. That would be a whole new trilogy. Spiegel also said that there have been considerations to test the franchise with international television spinoffs. The spinoffs would star local actors who would speak in their local languages, but it wouldnít be separate from future films. If a spinoff happened in India, Siegel suggested, then the star of that show could appear in a Fallen movie. It would, in essence, mean creating something akin to a shared Fallen universe.

Itís worth noting that a big amount of Fallenís box office success has been thanks to international markets. London Has Fallen, the second installment, is the most evident example of this. The sequel grossed $62 million domestically, while reaching $143 million overseas. The two other entries have been more closely comparable, but still show an international appetite for the Fallen formula.

The potential of television spinoffs make sense from a creative standpoint as well. While not everyone will be a fan of the franchiseís recognizably trite and cheesy elements, action is a genre that is easily transferable to just about any country. It remains to be seen if Siegelís hopes for a shared universe will fully materialize. But it seems to be a certainty that Gerald Butler will continue to portray Mike Banning for a few more Fallen films.