AMC has released an official trailer for The Terror season 2, aka. The Terror: Infamy. Following the success of the show's initial season last spring, AMC decided to turn The Terror into an anthology series where each season would focus on a different storyline that blends real history and supernatural horror. Infamy, which was co-created by writers Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island) and Alexander Woo (True Blood), will shift its attention to WWII and follow a Japanese-American community as they are forced into internment camps in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombing (hence the Infamy subtitle) and the U.S. joining the second World War.

With its August premiere date inching closer, AMC has started rolling out promotional material for The Terror's second installment. The network released several photos in April that highlighted Infamy cast members like Derek Mio (Spooked) as Chester Nakayama - the new season's protagonist and son of Japanese-born immigrants who joins the army - and George Takei as Yamato-san, a retired fishing boat captain and elder in Chester's community. The Star Trek icon also served as a historical consultant here and drew from his own experience being held in a WWII Japanese-American internment camp when he was a child.

An official trailer for The Terror: Infamy has now arrived online, courtesy of AMC. You can check it out in the space below.

The trailer starts off with a sound bite from U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt's post-Pearl Habor bombing or "Day of Infamy" speech from 1941, as a way of establishing the context for The Terror's narrative this season. From there, the preview offers a glimpse of Infamy's horror elements - namely, a shape-shifting specter that follows Chester and his community as they're relocated to the Colinas de Oro internment camp and discover that distrusting guards with guns aren't the only thing they have to worry about there (though, obviously, that's also a real concern). The setup is reminiscent of The Terror's first season, which similarly pitted a group of people (there, the crew members of the HMS's Erebus and Terror) against a supernatural threat, in addition to treacherous living conditions and regular humans who clearly aren't so worried about their well-being.

Between these shared threads and its themes about xenophobia and racism in the time of WWII, The Terror: Infamy looks and sounds like a pretty intense examination of a dark chapter in American history that doesn't get discussed all that often in pop culture. The Terror season one's fascinating subject matter was further bolstered by its ensemble's great performances and the show's impressive production values, and season two promises to be another chip off the same block so far. Between this and HBO's Chernobyl miniseries, 2019 has the potential to go down as a landmark year for historical horror television, when all is said and done.

The Terror: Infamy premieres Monday, August 12 at 9/8c on AMC.