The CW surprised many with the announcement that it wasnít moving forward with the planned Supernatural spinoff, Wayward Sisters, but that doesnít mean the characters' stories have come to an end. The proposed series delivered a backdoor pilot during season 13 of the long-running CW drama that kicked off several storylines for Sheriff Jody (Kim Rhodes) and her fellow hunters, Claire (Kathryn Newton), Donna (Briana Buckmaster), Alex (Katherine Ramdeen), Patience (Clark Backo), and newcomer Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), and it sounds as though the Supernatural writersí room plans to address those threads and wrap them up within the context of Supernatural season 14.

Wayward Sisters was the latest shot at a Supernatural spinoff, coming on the heels of Supernatural: Bloodlines. The second swing and a miss for The CW was followed up by an announcement by network president Mike Pedowitz that there may never be a spinoff to the seemingly undying series. Still, regardless the dismal state of the Supernatural spinoff industrial complex, fans of the Sisters can rest easy knowing that all of the characters will make an appearance on the original show during the 2018-19 season.

In an interview with EW, series showrunner Andrew Dabb addressed concerns regarding the charactersí fates and the loose threads left hanging after the pilot aired. Dabb said:

ďAll of the characters are going to make their return one way or the other. We found a way to fold [them] organically into the plot line, and some of the hanging chads from the pilot last year ended up dovetailing nicely with some of the stuff Michaelís looking to do, and some of the stuff thatís going on in our world just generally. It all folds together pretty well, but theyíll definitely be in multiple episodes this season.Ē

Itís good to hear that the Supernatural team isnít done with Jody, Donna, and the other Wayward Sisters, as they each make up a considerable portion of the showís ever-evolving supporting cast. Jody and Donna-centric episodes have been some of the most entertaining in seasons past, making it easy to see why the powers that be thought this group would be able to carry a show of their own. While itís still disappointing that the spinoff wonít be moving forward, itís nice to know Dabb and the rest of the Supernatural team still have plans for Jody and co. in the months ahead.

Supernatural season 14 premieres Thursday, October 11 on The CW.