If it feels like recent pictures and articles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi have focused on the Resistance and its heroes, the First Order is ready to, well, strike back. Literally, in the case of two new weapons premiered during The Star Wars Show.

First up, we have the AT-M6, which is an upgraded version of the standard AT-AT walker. The acronym stands for All Terrain Megacaliber Six, named because of that giant cannon on its back. The new walker apparently walks more like a simian than an elephant to carry that gun, and hopefully has better defences against having its legs tangled by pesky speeders.
Also new is the First Order Dreadnought, which appears to be the answer to the question, "what if you took a Star Destroyer and just made it even more bloody gigantic?" It's 25,162.8 feet in length and features massive orbital weapons for bombardment and plenty of cannons on its surface to ward off X-Wings and the like. The First Order: Never Go Small! Along with Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer, The Last Jedi promises plenty of new craft for both sides, even as we can hear director Rian Johnson screaming, "don't look! Wait for the movie!" The Last Jedi will be with us on 15 December.