What appears to be a clip of Luke (Mark Hamill) levitating on top of a huge boulder in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, is making waves online. The video comes from the movie’s set in Ireland, where a fan managed to sneakily record while production on The Last Jedi was going on last year.

It has already been established that The Last Jedi will heavily be about Luke, which is only fitting. Fans were deprived of the Jedi Master in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, where he only appeared for a brief moment at the end of the film – and without saying a word. All of that will soon change, as The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson says his film will go in depth as to what happened to Luke in the years since he went into self-exile. According to the novel Star Wars: Bloodline, it was only a few years before The Force Awakens that Luke was still trotting around and training Ben Solo (Adam Driver), before Ben became Kylo Ren. Since then, however, we do not know what Luke has been up to and why he was looking for the first Jedi Temple, on the planet Ahch-To.

The alleged The Last Jedi footage is part of a video made by YouTuber Mike Zeroh (see below), showing Hamill in his full Luke costume on top of a huge boulder. The clip coincides with a rumor regarding a scene from The Last Jedi, where Luke will be shown meditating on a floating rock. The video theorizes that the practically-shot bit could be used for close-ups, with the rest of the footage being enhanced via CGI layering. Below, you can also check out footage taken from The Last Jedi set last year, showing a non-levitating version of “The Meditation Rock” (as it’s been dubbed for now):

(check the link for video)

Despite Johnson addressing fans’concerns about The Last Jedi possibly rehashing plots and visuals from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, the floating rock scene is arguably reminiscent of Luke’s training with Master Yoda in Dagobah, when he was trying to pile up rocks while doing a head-stand, with the legendary Jedi balancing on his raised foot. There is also the parallel of Yoda lifting Luke’s X-Wing from the swamp, as a way to prove to the young Padawan just how powerful the Force is. Given that at one point in the film, Rey (Daisy Ridley) will be undergoing training with Luke, it is possible that this is a way for him to exhibit the power that he has amassed over the years.

Ultimately, there could be endless conversations as to what the context of the scene is and what it means, should this rumor pan out. It is, however, important to note that big productions like Star Wars often shoot a bunch of scenes that are ultimately dropped from the final cut of the movie, depending on choices made in post-production. This supposed leak footage is not at all confirmation that Luke levitating on top of a boulder in The Last Jedi is something we will, for certain, see on the big screen – as cool as the idea sounds.