Tom Holland's Spider-Man is taking the world by storm! Marvel's latest blockbuster success, Spider-Man: Homecoming hit a box office milestone over the weekend. It made an additional $2.7 million in the domestic box office, bringing the film's domestic total to $318.8 million. That's important because it officially beats Iron Man's $318.4 million domestic total. The student has surpassed the master!

But how is Homecoming looking compared to the other #Marvel movies? Take a look at the domestic figures!

As you can see, Homecoming is a strong performer. It's one of the best-performing franchise launches in the #MCU to date, coming second only to Guardians of the Galaxy (Homecoming had a stronger opening weekend, but Guardians had legs). A lot of smart marketing decisions have clearly played to Homecoming's advantage, not least the inclusion of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. Although some fans were irritated at Stark's prominence in the marketing, that's clearly paid off, and he didn't dominate the movie's narrative in the way fans feared. This box office performance will go down as a real success for Marvel.

Even better, though, Homecoming is still performing well internationally. Take a look at the global box office figures:

These global box office figures are pretty interesting, considering the film had a delayed release in Japan, and it doesn't actually release in China until next month. There, regulators have a habit of delaying the release of major Hollywood blockbusters until after peak viewing periods, holding them back in order to give Chinese films an edge. It really tends to hurt a film's Chinese performance, as the most eager viewers will already have watched pirate copies months ago. As The Hollywood Reporter notes:

"The delays could cost Hollywood millions. In an increasingly integrated and still piracy-vulnerable global entertainment landscape, late release dates have been known to erode box office significantly."

For Homecoming, the delays in China mean the film is unlikely to catch up to Guardians of the Galaxy in the global box office. Still, nobody in Marvel or Sony will be losing any sleep over that; the movie is officially the seventh most successful film in the MCU to date, and the second most successful franchise launch.

#SpiderMan fans will be delighted with these figures. In the run-up to Spider-Man: Homecoming's release, there'd been a lot of fear that successive reboots would have led to a sort of "Spider-Man fatigue." That problem has clearly failed to materialize, and Sony and Marvel will be breathing a sigh of relief. A whole new franchise has joined the MCU, and with two more films planned in the trilogy the box office is only going to get better for the webhead!